About the author

Iris Terpstra holding her piano booksHi! My name is Iris and I am 34 years old. I live together with my boyfriend and we have a son. My love for the piano started at a young age. As soon as I could reach the keys I found the piano interesting! At the age of 9 I started piano lessons and I took piano lessons with various teachers. When I went to study after high school, I hesitated between the conservatory or another course. Ultimately, this became HBO Pedagogy because I was also interested in working with children. However, the passion for the piano and playing the piano has never disappeared and so I have been able to combine working with children and music from my love for music. With great pleasure I give piano lessons to children and adults and I have been a piano teacher for many years now. I also like to perform playing the piano and singing. For example, I organize a Disney afternoon in which the well-known Disney hits are played on the piano but also with only singing. I also regularly perform for the elderly, in which I play music from the time when the elderly were young.

My own book(s)

After the success of the Dutch book, I also decided to make an English version with 18 well-known English songs. It was a joy to work on this project! The explanation videos in particular make the book unique and by being involved with music in a comical way, a good foundation is laid. The book is also suitable for checking whether your child really likes playing the piano, without being tied to expensive lessons. With an accessible book, 18 famous songs and an affordable price, my dream is to make playing the piano and making music available to all children in the world.